can be produced, in still a third astounding hydrogen free energy process. This is true because the atomic hydrogen process without question releases at least 3.75 times the BTUs by weight, as ordinary hydrogen does in the combustion process. Even the relativists agree that the "energy of combustion" equals at least the "energy of hydrolysis" (even though it is well known that the industrial production of hydrogen by electrolysis is generally 120% efficient). Production of atomic hydrogen directly by hydrolysis, which cuts out a separate dissociation operation, is yet another exciting possibility. It does not expend the electrical equivalent of 109,000 cal./gram molecule (to produce only 65 cubic centimeters of hydrogen gas).


As a "welding process", this process was 'obsolesced' by MIG and TIG welding, neither of which can compare to its welding efficiency and uses. Since the welding process was its only "public" use in the years past, the "new" processes allowed industry to toss the "obsolete" process onto the junk heap (except for their own 'secret' use of it). The "new" processes were promoted by U-Know-Who, motivating their welding suppliers and the electric power companies at their own levels. More archaic tanks, transformers, gauges, torches, electrodes, gases, fluxes, and electric power, etc., etc., to be sold at a hefty profit. If people generate their own hydrogen for welding at home, how much equipment, supplies and power will they buy?

How does the atomic hydrogen obtain its energy, if not from the "ether"? No wonder establishment science doesn't want you to know there is an ether. If we are to believe the "law of conservation of energy", as interpreted by establishment (relativistic, ether-excluding) 'science', this process is impossible, yet using data available from 'standard' texts, I have shown that the input energy of 103 cal./gram molecule is somehow either 'magnified' to 109,000 cal./gram molecule of hydrogen—a multiplication of over 1,058 times—or that, by use of hydrogen as a "medium", that the 103 calories is 'seed' energy (called the "activation energy"), triggering the atomic hydrogen's apprehension of a net 108,897 cal./gram molecule, from the "ether".

An equally phenomenal "atomic helium" process (reported in Space Aliens) is 4.6 times this output. It can be conducted the same way, and produces the same kind of electrical energy and radiation-to-heat energy

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