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turbo-electric generator, to provide electric power for electro-propulsive flying saucers, the ultimate in private transportation.

Since the net output is heat, the first order of business is a special heat exchanger, to transfer heat to water or other media, or to produce steam for turbine power. The heat in the reaction chamber of the atomic hydrogen furnace must be quickly removed by the exchanger to prevent a buildup of heat sufficient to melt the reactor surfaces which receive and catalyze the recombining gas atoms. The simplified design shown below is merely a proposal.

Years ago, German metallurgists developed a hydrogen furnace which used a copper crucible in a closed system which created the "hydrogen environment" required for reduction of the platinum group compounds. To withstand the high temperatures required for the reductions, the copper crucible was cooled from below by water, which removed the heat fast enough to prevent melting of the copper, as platinum metals were melted in it with the torch from above. The occlusion of oxygen prevented oxidation of the crucible and the platinum metals, and insured reduction of the platinum compounds by the hydrogen. This idea, together with over 45 years familiarity and use of pyro-technology and over 34 years of welding, has influenced the design of this (simplified version) atomic hydrogen furnace:

Teleforce TeslaNikola Tesla Hydrogen Powered

FREE ENERGY SURPRISE Ether, ZPR & "Environmental" Energy

The following concerns a device which appears to unequivocally disproves Einstein's relativity theories and proves Nikola Tesla's nuclear theories.

Based on material in Space Aliens (pgs. vii, 185 and 187), a researcher invited me to collaborate in a 50/50 development of a device (similar to that shown on page vii), with the provision that I not use his name. I suggested using an iron pipe and 15 kv transformer, based on Tesla's use of an iron "antenna" in a Colorado Springs experiment. With an approx. .1 amp/120 volt input (12 watts), an output of 48 kw was achieved. Since the K-capture level of iron is 7,110 volts, I suggested tuning the two 7,500-volt legs to 7,110 with a variac (total voltage 14,220), at which the output jumped to 66 kw, a gain of over 38%.

With 120 v/.l amps/60 cps/14.22 kv going into the ungrounded device, the output (on the same leads) is apparently superimposed at high frequency, so that, while maintaining the high voltage 'excitation electric field', the output can be extracted by high voltage high frequency filter and rectifier, thence reduced to usable electric power with an inverter.

In "K-capture", the innermost "K-orbit" electron of iron drops into the nucleus, converting a proton into an extra neutron. This appears to render the iron unstable (i.e., "radioactive" in the Tesla sense), so that it disturbs the equilibrium of and reacts with the ZPR, converting some of it into an electrical output, via the iron. This device has also been said to transmute zinc to mercury, when used in a different way to produce great heat. At this point in time the device is somewhat of an enigma, which appears to produce great energy.

As the device runs it hums, with no arcing, as a cool shaft of air exits its top, with strong electric/magnetic fields about it. Some ozone appears to be forming. This was probably (part of) what Tesla meant when he said "I have a new use for iron", and "...it is when things are quiet that something is really going on".

For a copy of Free Energy Surprise (© 1997, William R. Lyne,), a set of plans and documentary photos send $10. (including postage) to: Creatopia Productions, General Delivery, Lamy, New Mexico 87540; Tel/Fax (505) 466-3022.

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Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

Do we really want the one thing that gives us its resources unconditionally to suffer even more than it is suffering now? Nature, is a part of our being from the earliest human days. We respect Nature and it gives us its bounty, but in the recent past greedy money hungry corporations have made us all so destructive, so wasteful.

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