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Do you want a renewable energy system, but don't want to install it yourself? You deserve a system that meets your expectations and budget! A renewable energy professional will design and install a safe, code-compliant system, and offer you service and support after the sale. Check out the state-by-state installer listings below.

Home Power does not guarantee the quality provided by the businesses listed below— please shop carefully, request references and certifications, and compare.

California, cont.

Electron Connection Licensed in CA and Oregon. NABCEP Certified installer. Serving northernmost California and southern Oregon. PV, wind, microhydro installs. (800) 945-7587 email: [email protected], www.


Remote Power Inc, Greg Egan, President. Licensed . . electrician since 1982. Outback certified field service -Sïffjy.V technician. MREA trained wind system installer. Design, PcW^f installation, sales & service of wind, pv, & hydro systems. tile.; We have affiliated installers statewide. Bush jobs no problem.

We stock inverters, PV panels, efficient appliances, etc. at our shop near Fairbanks. Call 1-888-257-3639 or 1-907-457-4299


Generator Solar & Wind Power Systems Design, www Sales, installation & maintenance. Off-grid & grid-tied, prime gswpowersystems power or back-up. Complete systems, hybrid systems, or sub .com systems & components. We can do it. Covering all of Arizona

& dedicated to helping all present & potential customers. (928) 639-2297, (928) 300-4067, [email protected]

Empower Energy, Southern CA. We design, sell, install, & service high quality residential & commercial solar, wind, |_ & hydro systems. Specializing in grid-tied & remote stand enerb^" alone systems in any part of CA. Make renewable energy a part of your home, ranch, or business. Lic. in CA since 1995, (#711993). Cert. SMA & Sharp installer. 818 222-8700, toll free 800 494-2366,, [email protected].

Good Power Company, Stand Alone or Grid Tie systems for homes, business, solar wells and outdoor lighting. Solar, wind and motor generator systems. Licensed contractor serving ALL of Arizona. Remote home specialist! Free estimates. Call Dave Haycock for prompt courteous design, sales, installation and service. (520) 560-3856, [email protected]. References. ROC195768

Feather River Solar Electric Bill Battagin of

Taylorsville has been designing, installing and servicing renewable energy systems since 1982. PV, micro-hydro, hybrids; grid intertie or stand alone systems. CA Elect.l Lic. # 681552, Outback Cert. Tech. We live and work with RE. Serving Plumas, Lassen, Sierra, Butte Cos. 530.284.7849 [email protected],


AAcro Electric is a full service, turn-key, res.& comm. solar electric contractor. We design, install, & handle all necessary mbm CEC, utility forms and contracts. Quality installations are ulIU backed by 31 years experience. Approved by the League of [I EpTDIP California Homeowners ( & Better [LEU I llIU Business Bureau ( Free site analysis & brochure. (209)847-2977 •

Offline Independent Energy Systems, Since 1983. An electrical contracting co.x we specialize in utility intertie f ;rkFF/ri|!5|5 (with state rebate & net metering) & off grid systems. Owned ^C!.-. Jzj & operated by Don & Cynthia Loweburg in Central CA East of Fresno. We run our home & business with solar electricity. POB 231, North Fork, CA. 93643, (CA lic# 661052) ph 559 877 7080, fx 559 877 2980, [email protected]

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Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

Global warming is a huge problem which will significantly affect every country in the world. Many people all over the world are trying to do whatever they can to help combat the effects of global warming. One of the ways that people can fight global warming is to reduce their dependence on non-renewable energy sources like oil and petroleum based products.

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