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Power Meters

20-CTR: Measures AC Power up to 10 kW, 100-250 vac single or two phase. Remote display. Easy to install.

ONE Meter: Semi-custom power meter. Multiple independent AC or DC power channels. Several display options. Can be configured for Whole House power monitoring. PC interface, 8000+ data memory. Internet connection optional.

4-1850WX: Special meter for Refrigerator Replacement Programs. Detects Defrost Cycle, displays cost/kWh-hrs per year. California CEC eligible meters.

Other Models available. Check our website or call for details.

CUSTOM APPLICATIONS and DISPLAY OPTIONS: We can build a digital power meter to meet your needs, including large displays. Perfect for trade shows, public buildings and educational purposes. Several signs to choose from including the popular Beta Brite scrolling LED sign. Please call with your needs/ideas.

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