Using Just About Every Tool in the Box to Install a Solar Water Heater

Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

Build Your Own Solar Water Heater

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If you want to install a solar water heater, you have to be good at plumbing, electrical wiring, solder joints, PV panel installation, copper tube cutting, climbing around on roofs, figuring out what to do when things don't fit right, and that's just for starters. You need to understand water pressure and how it can cause pipe weld joints to burst at the worst possible times. You need to understand what happens in cold weather to water that might freeze in an exposed pipe. You need to know how to evacuate closed systems of air and how to burp and drain pipes completely, or else you'll be sorry.

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You need to know how to choose the best kit among a horde of suppliers who have very poor literature and don't like to answer the phone very often. When they finally pick up, they tend to sound like you're an idiot for asking perfectly logical questions.

You need to be patient and be able to change horses in midstream. And you need to realize that after your system is in working order and you're reaping the benefits, something may go wrong if you don't operate it properly.

In other words, installing a solar water heater is a do-it-yourselfer's dream come true! Chapter 10 has loads of information to get you started. Enjoy.

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