An add on toolbox to MATLAB/SIMUUNK

Figure I.1: Welcome window of DAWIDUM.

After starting up DAWIDUM, and subsequently pressing the Continue-button in the "Welcome to DAWIDUM" window, the main window is opened. This window is depicted in Fig. I.2. The main window has been divided into three parts:

• Menu bar. At the top of the window you will find the menu bar. Via the options on the menu bar you can either create a new or modify an existing a wind turbine model, optimize model parameters using measured data, start a simulation, analyse the results, design a controller, or visualize the obtained results. Once a model has been loaded or saved, the name of the model is placed between the brackets in the title of the main DAWIDUM window;

• Main board. The main board is used to display useful information. For example, by choosing Modeling and subsequently Create new model, both the developed wind turbine module library and a new SIMULINK® window called "Untitled" will be opened and displayed in the main board as illustrated in Fig. I.2;

• Status line. The status line is located at the bottom of the window. It is used to display all kinds of messages to the user. Moreover, the user is guided by the messages through the operations involved with creating, optimizing, analysing, simulating and animating the non-linear dynamic wind turbine models.

A more detailed discussion of the options that are available on the menu bar can be found in the ensuing sections.

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Renewable Energy 101

Renewable Energy 101

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