instrumentation, Homebrew, LED bargraph voltmeter, 10-26

lead-acid, basics, overview, equalizing, EDTA treatment for sulfation, 47-30 lead-acid, basics, terms, tips, 9-27 lead-acid, basics, terms, tips, tables, 1-25 lead-acid, EDTA reconditioning, how to, 20-23 lead-acid, EDTA reconditioning, preliminary results, 21-36

lead-acid, equalizing charge (Q&A), 44-90 lead-acid, gel cells, description of, 25-46 lead-acid, internal resistance in, 3-34 lead-acid, state of charge vs voltage at 34°F & 78°F (charts), 9-25

lead-acid, state of charge vs voltage for 12 V & 24 V (charts), 7-25

lead-acid, state of charge vs voltage, 36-66 maintenance, diagnosing sick cells, 28-36 maintenance, gassing, 19-50 maintenance, Hydrocaps battery tops (TtW!), 11-37 maintenance, neutralizing spills (letters), 42-106 maintenance, treating sick cells, 29-44 NiCd, chargers, Homebrew, wall cube replacement, 26-72

NiCd, equalizing charge (Q&A), 43-108 NiCd, pocket plate, care and feeding, 15-19 NiCd, pocket plate, chemistry, types, State of Charge vs voltage, 12-16

NiCd, pocket plate, evaluating used, 25-72 NiCd, pocket plate, reconditioned (TtW!), 13-17 NiCd, pocket plate, testing and reconditioning, 15-23 NiCd, pocket plate, voltage regulation, 26-69 NiCd, sintered plate, basics, description of, charging and discharging, 4-14

NiCd, sintered plate, charging for radio, 33-68 NiCd, sintered plate, charging small NiCd, 19-18 Nicd, sintered plate, charging using pulses (homebrew), 5-27

NiCd, sintered plate, charging using solar (teaching plan, part 1), 16-14

NiCd, sintered plate, sidebar, Sunshine for All, 36-78 NiCd, sintered plate, test/evaluation/charging of AA cells, 38-38

NiCd, small rechargeable batteries, 37-97 nickel-iron, negative experience (letters), 46-104 nickel-iron, positive experience, 46-16 nickel-metal hydride, (NiH), Ovonics (TtW!), 15-33 portable, Consci Portable Power Pack (TtW!), 42-74 rechargeable, small, 37-97 safety, overcurrent protection devices, 27-26 safety, short circuit protection, 17-37 safety, tech notes, 27-69

wiring, basics/L-A& NiCd w/wiring diagrams, 27-30 wiring, cables, build for battery/inverter, 7-36 wiring, interconnects, tech notes, 33-46 Book reviews architecture, Resource Efficient Housing (directory), 26-77

architecture, Shelter (home design), 18-49 Box Beam Sourcebook, 43-86 business, The Incredible Secret Money Machine (home business), 17-51

business, The Incredible Secret Money Machine II (home business), 46-76

Book reviews, continued conservation, The Fuel Savers, 25-77 Electric Burro On The Road To Bogota (travel), 1849

electric vehicles, Alternative Transportation News (magazine), 22-81

electric vehicles, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle (Bob Brant), 41-54

electric vehicles, Convert It (Mike Brown & Shari Prange), 40-64

generators, The Homebuilt Dynamo, 32-86 greenhouses, The Hydroponic Hot House, 28-76 In Pursuit of Adventure and Freedom (sailing), 23-76 Mavericks in Paradise (history), 23-76 Mutant Message Downunder (philosophy), 41-92 photovoltaics, Solar Electricity Engineering (college textbook), 46-75

power politics, A Solar Manifesto (environment and energy), 46-75

power politics, Sowing the Wind- Reflections on the Earth's Atmosphere, 23-77

reference, Alternative Energy Sourcebook 1990, 1751

reference, Alternative Energy Sourcebook 1991, 2281

reference, Ecologue (catalog), 21-86

reference, Shopping for a Better World (directory),

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