trucks, conversions, 9" DC series, 120V, regen, 84 Dodge D50, 47-54

video reviews, EVs & Hydrogen, 27-78 video reviews, Hand Made Vehicles, 43-40 wiring, (part 1), sizing, cable, straps, identifying, protecting, looms, 42-52

wiring, (part 2), measuring, connectors, extra wires, grounds, fuses, relays, 43-52 ZAP Power System for bicycles, 43-46 Electricity basics, Dr Kluge, induction and magnetism, 35-77 basics, Dr Kluge, rms voltage, 32-50 basics, Dr Kluge, terms and laws, 31-78 basics, Dr Kluge, timers and FETs, 34-70 basics, Dr Kluge, transistors, 33-32 basics, Electricity for Dummies, Part 1, by "Dr. Demento", 44-62

basics, resistors and diodes, 32-62

basics, schematics, how to read, 5-35

basics, terms, definitions, 29-72

basics, terms: amps, volts, watts, watt-hours, amp-

hours, 1-35

basics, transformers and LCBs, electronics, 37-40 basics, wiring, low voltage techniques, sizing, 2-33 batteries, lead-acid, how they work, how to care for, 47-30

cartoon describing amps and volts, 25-67

definition of terms, 29-72

motors, how electric motors work, 34-48

Ohm's law , definition, 3-40

Ohm's law, applications, 4-33

Ohm's law, digital multimeters, 16-46

reliability, RE vs utility (letters), 46-100

shunts, multimeters, to measure current, Cu shunt table, 6-35

soldering, basic how to, 18-35

soldering, Pensol portable gas soldering iron (TtW!),

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