FREE PROPERTY LIST for mountain land, some with creek or river frontage in beautiful Scott Valley, Northern California just 15 minutes west of Yreka off I-5. 5 to 320 acre parcels, perfect area for retirement or country lifestyle. Call Scott Valley Real Estate

DESERT DWELLERS— Cool your home with 20 watts of power and a cool tower. See article HP#41. To learn more order the 68 INTRODUCTION TO COOL TOWERS & COOL TOWER CONSTRUCTION—VHS $33.00 To: DAWN Productions

PO BOX 383 Vail AZ 85641-0383 (602) 647-7220_

PARTS for $1, resistors $1 a dozen, 2N2222, 2N3906 3 for $1, LEDs 3 for $1, catalog $1, foreign add $1. ZIPFAST Box 12238

Lexington KY 40581-2238_

NI CD's FOR SALE, ALCAD UHS-215 (Ultra High Discharge; Stainless Steel cases), 215 amp/hr. @ 1.2V, 45 lb. each. Just removed from decommissioned, underground, communication centre. Only 7 years old, expertly maintained, dust-free environment, floated at 1.45VDC and seldom discharged. 200 available at $69 each (connectors included). Dan Courtney, RR 1,

Maberly, Ont. Canada K0H 2B0 or 613-268-2160._

OPERATOR AND SERVICE MANUALS: Servel Gas Refrigerators "all models", $10; Jacobs Windplants $9; Wincharger Windplants (32V/110V) $7; Books: Wind and

Windspinners "$7" and The Homebuilt Wind-Generated Electricity Handbook, "$9", Both by Michael Hackleman. Book rate incl; add $3 for 1st class mail. Or send SASE for pub list to: M. Hackleman

PO Box 63, Ben Lomand, CA 95005_

FOR SALE: 40 kw Enertech E44-40 induction wind generator system on 100' freestanding tower with controls for a three phase utility interconnect. This was a utility demonstration project, the project is over, and the system is available. The wind generator was completely overhauled less than two years ago. $18,000 crated, f.o.b. Forestville, Wisconsin Lake Michigan Wind & Sun

USED NICKEL IRON 1.2V CELLS 150-800AH @ .05A. New 320 AH cells @ $125. Slightly used M51s $160. Trace U2512 SB inverters $1250. C30A Controllers $78. EO, 1755 Coon Rd,

Aspers, PA 17304, 717-677-6721_

GENERATORS, CHINESE DIESEL, water cooled, electric start. 5KW to 25KW, Industrial grade. Prices start at $1995 Complete, PARTS: Large supply of parts for most Chinese Diesel Engines. CHINA FARM MACHINERY CO. Tel (909) 657-0379 Fax (909)

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