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$10 per year (6 issues) to US Zip Codes via 2nd Class $25 per year (6 issues) to US Zip Codes via 1st Class

If you want to subscribe or renew to Home Power Magazine, please fill out the subscription form below, write a check or money order and drop it in the mail. Tape the form well or use an envelope so your check doesn't fall out in the mail. Your sub or renewal will start with HP's next regularly scheduled issue.

For those wishing Back Issues of Home Power, or International Subscriptions, please see page 95.

1st Class Sub-$25 to USA Zip Codes

2nd Class Sub-$10 Subscription Renewal to USA Zip Codes - Specify 1st or 2nd Class

Change of Address Include old Address

New Info on your System

We do not send out subscription renewal notices. When your subscription expires is printed on your mailing label. We feel that renewal notices are a waste of everyone's resources. CHECK YOUR MAILING LABEL!

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