power or additional charging when required. The Trace's charger input settings can be adjusted to match the output of even the smallest portable generator, allowing complete flexibility. Following the installation of the drywall and plumbing, the place was operational, cozy, and warm.

This installation is an example of what can be accomplished with even a limited budget and some extensive pre-planning by an experienced PV designer/installer who can also be on-site to see that things are done properly.

Above: Detail of the pressure tank (wrapped in insulation), 24 Volt Shur-Flo Pump, and BZ Products low voltage Disconnect.


Author, Wm. von Brethorst, Planetary Systems, 2400 Shootin Iron Ranch Rd., Jackson, WY 83001 Phone & FAX: 307-734-8947 Internet email: [email protected] Web: http://www.blissnet/~planetary

Project electrician: Skip Chisholm, PO Box 594, Victor, MT 59875

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