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By now our friends in the industry and most of our readers know that Home Power central, here at Agate Flat, is less than extravagant, it might even be considered rustic. But homesteading is a never ending process and, alas, it is time once again to make moves towards the plush decadence of the nineteenth century.

So begins a project to provide us, the occupants of the plywood palace, with the luxuries of an indoor toilet, indoor shower with genuine hot water, and a critter proof garden bed. Joe Schwartz (pictured above) is the construction guru in charge of this 16' by 24' bath house / green house. The goal is to integrate local, renewable, low embodied energy building materials to create a space that is energy efficient, practical, and pleasant to inhabit. Straw bale north walls will be stuccoed with the local mud (sticky stuff). South windows are salvaged double pane, low-e, argon filled. It's nifty how the most ecologically sensible solutions are often the least expensive labor intensive construction techniques also save money, cuz we're doing it ourselves. Once completed, the building will house a composting toilet system, sink, shower and tub, clothes washer, solar hot water system with propane backup, wood stove back-up for the passive solar heat, and a large indoor garden bed. Of course, being that we are solar nerds, we will have to equip the building with a renewable energy system. Yeah, PV and maybe even wind. Look for future articles on construction techniques, and the hot water, power, composting toilet, and grey water systems. -Ben

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"Water, water everwthere and not a drop to drink"

Ashland Oregon New Year's Dar 1997

SOLAR DEPOT four color on film full page, bled this is page 5

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