Figure 5.27 Campbell Diagram for Blade TR

5.8.6 Response to stochastic loads

The analysis of stochastic loads in the frequency domain has already been described in Section 5.7.5 for a rigid blade, and this will now be extended to cover the dynamic response of the different vibration modes of a flexible blade using the governing equation, Equation (5.70). Note that the restriction to an unstalled blade operating at a relatively high tip speed ratio still applies.

Power spectrum of generalized blade loading

The generalized fluctuating load with respect to the ith mode is Q; = J^ Ai(r)q(r) dr, where

2 da


An expression for the standard deviation of Qi, a , can be derived by a method analagous to that given in Section A5.4 of the Appendix for a non-rotating blade, yielding

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