Water Consumption of Sheep (Pounds of Water per Day)

On range or dry pasture 5-13

On range (salty feeds)

On rations of hay and grain or. 0.3-6

hay, roots and grain

On good pasture Very little

In these experiments waver was available fer consumption.

Water Consumpti.->!> of p.n (Pounds of Water per Day Conditions

Body Height-30 lbs 5-)o

Body Weight«60-80 lbs 7

Body Weight-75-125 lbs 16

Body weight«200-380 lbs 12-3C

Lactating Sows 40-50

Hater Consumption of Chickens (Gallons per 100 Birds per Day)


Nonlaying Hans 5.0

Laying Hens (moderate temperatures).. 5.0-7:5 Laying Hens (temperature 90°F) 9.0

Water Consumption of Growing Turkeys (Gallons per 100 Birds per Week)


1-3 weeks of age 8-18

4-7 weeks of age 26-59

9-13 weeks of age 62-100

15-19 weeks of age 117-118

21-26 weeks of age 95-105

Water Consumption of People

Average Person: 75 gallons per day

Lawn: 0-200 gallons per 1000 squre feet, every other day.

Water Consumption of Cattle

Class of cattle

Holstein calves (liquid milk or dried milk and water supplied)

Dairy Heifers. Steers

Range Cattle.. Jersey Cows... Holstein Cows.


4 weeks of age

8 weeks of age

12 weeks of age 16 weeks of age. 20 weeks of age 26 weeks of age


Maintenance ration. Fattening ration...

Hater Consumption (Pounds per Day)

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