Pitcairn PCA-2 crop duster with the author in the cockpit This was serial rmtttber 13; The one with which Johny Miller performed loops in the "American Air Aces" show in 1933.

(Photo In/ Charles Gilfillan)

Pitcairn PCA-2 treating crops tvith insecticide dust. The author is the pilot. fGws Pasquarella Photo)

Pitcairn PCA-2 treating crops tvith insecticide dust. The author is the pilot. fGws Pasquarella Photo)

The author "on the deck" of his Pitcairn PCA-2 dusting autogiro.

(Gus Pasquari'lla Photo)

variations were completed. None is known to be still flying. The one formerly owned by the Detroit News is in the Ford Museum in Detroit. Another formerly owned by the Department of Agriculture as a PCA-2 was modified in 1946 to a PA-21 and did some crop spraying in New England. It gradually deteriorated and was last heard from in the hands of a gentleman in Scat-tie, Washington who had hopes of restoring it.

Several pilots looped the autogiro. John Miller performed loops every day with the American Air Aces Show in the mid-thirties. Charlie Otto who flew advertising banners for Lee Tire and Rubber Company looped his PCA-2 in the thirties.

A report was found in the Pitcairn archives and says a pilot, D. W. Dean, looped a PCA-2 at the Pitcairn factory on October 13, 1931.

The U.S. Marine Corps bought three PC A-2s designated XOP-ls, one of which was used in Nicaragua with the Marine Corps. The XOP-1 did not receive a fair test, however, because the pilot assigned to the flying had never flown a rotating-wing aircraft before.

The civilian paint schemes varied with the desires of the buyers. Pitcairn's demonstrator

The author "on the deck" of his Pitcairn PCA-2 dusting autogiro.

(Gus Pasquari'lla Photo)

Pitcairn PCA-2 Autogiro belonging to Amelia Earhart.

(Pitcairn Photo)

(NR 760W) was nearly all black in a hand-rubbed finish. A patch of light green in sort of a tear drop shape ran down each side of the fuselage. The black and green were separated with a narrow ivory stripe. The rotor blades were ivory with a narrow green strip span-wise, at the tip it divided into two stripes, one running to the leading edge, and one running to the trailing edge framing a light green tip. All numbering and lettering was light green.

Rotor Blade TrophyRotor Blade Trophy

Pitcairn PCA-2 (PCA-3) rotor blade frome, 22" chord ¡¡proximately 22 ft. long. (Pitcairn Photo)

Miss Tydol Autogiro

Champion PCA-2 Autogiro, originally manufactured in 1933 for the Champion Spark Plug Company. The author completed the restoration to flying condition in 1985 for Stephen Pitcairn. (Pitcairn Photo)

Building The Golden Gate Bridge

(National Archives)

Navy XOP-1

(National Archives)

Pitcairn Navy XOP-Autogiros. X (Experimental) O (Observation) P (Pitcairn) 1 first model

(Pitcairn Photo)

Left side of Navy XOP-1 engine compartment. (Pitcairn PCA• 2) (National Archives Photo)

Navy XOP-1

Harold Pitcairn Collier Trophy

The Collier Trophy presentation to Harold F. Pitcairn. Mr. Pitcairn is shaking hands with President Hoover. Orville Wright is4th from left ivith dark suit. Jim Ray is in the white suit, 6th from left, Agnew Larsen is to /mi's left. (Pitcairn Photo)

Fotos Autogiros
Pita»irn PCA-2 No. 13 owned and flown by John Miller. He looped this autogiro everyday with an air show in the 30'$.

(fohn Underwood Photo)


(Models PCA-2 and PA-21 identical except engine installation) Engine


No. pass. Baggage Standard weight Spec, basis

Serial Nos.

Class I equipment: Starter (Heywood); Propeller—adj. metal; Low pressure tires; Clevel and A-3319 shock absorber struts.

Class III equipent:

Flares 45 lbs.; Aux. 20 gal. fuel tank 14 lbs.; Ben-dix R-l 19-04d shock absorber struts, no change in weight; Replacement or repair of rotor blades to include metal trailing edge section and wooden stringer in leading edge running entire length of blade, net increase 16 lbs, (4 lbs. per blade).


Propeller Adj. metal (See NOTE 1)

Fuel 52 gals.

Oil 6 gals.

Wright R-975 330 hp (Model PCA-2) Wright R-975E-2 420 hp (Model PA-21) 52 gals. (One 39 gal. tank under passenger seat and one 13 gal. tank rear of firewall) 6V2 gals. 2

36 lbs. 3000 lbs.

Approved Tvpe Certificate No. 410

B-5 and up mfrd. prior to 930-39 eligible. Approval expired as of that date.

Report .No.

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