Kellett XR-2

Kellett XR-2, oneofthe YG-1B autogiros with en experimental landing gear and constant speed propeller. It was dent and it never flew.

destroyed in a runup act (Kellett Photi

Kellett did not give their model numbers to XR-2 or XR-3. These were the only two "non helicopters" to get XR designations by the military. The XR-1 was the Platt-LePage helicopter and the XR-4 was a Sikorsky helicopter. Earlier the autogiro had "O" designations for the Navy as "XOP-1" and XOP-2." "P" was for Pitcairn. The Army Air Corps had no such manufacturer designators. YG-1 (A&B) were Kellett Autogiros. The YG-2 was the Army Air Corps version of Pitcairn's Navy XOP-2. Later the Army Air Corps designated all observation craft, either

Platt Page Helicopter Pictures
Kellett XR-2 without blades. (Note landing gear.) (Kellett Photo)

fixed or rotorwing as "O" of "XO" "XO" ind cated Experimental Observation. "YO" indie ted a service test model. When the model w; accepted, the "Y" was dropped. The autogi never made it to this level because the helico ter took its place with the military. Y0-60 w; Kellett's machine, while the XO-61 was Pi cairn's.

The XR-2 was modified YG-1B with a jurr takeoff system the same as the X0-60 and with 330 hp Jacobs engine installed. It used a sing beam landing gear instead of the outriggers, el A Hamilton-Standard constant-speed propell replaced the Curtiss-Reed.

The XR-2 never flew. It was totally destroy« in a ground runup accident.


Gross weight 2400 lb

Empty weight Useful load

Top Speed 106 mph

Cruise speed Landing speed *Never flown

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