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Tesla's "World System" was conceptually based on three of his inventions:

1. The Tesla Transformer (Tesla coil);

2. The Magnifying Transmitter (transformer adapted to excite the Earth);

3. The Wireless System (efficient transmission of electrical energy without wires).

Tesla stated: "The first World System power plant can be put in operation in nine months. With this power plant it will be practicable to attain electrical activities up to 10 million horsepower (7.5 billion watts), and it is designed to serve for as many technical achievements as are possible without due expense."14

The fateful decision in 1905 by J. P. Morgan to abandon Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower project was a result of learning that it would be designed mainly for wireless transmission of electrical power rather than for telegraphy.

Tesla's calculated power levels have been conservatively estimated and recently updated with contemporary physics calculations by Dr Elizabeth Rauscher. For example. Professor Rauscher shows that the Earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere contain sufficient potential energy, at least three billion kilowatts (three terawatts) respectively, so that the resonant excitation of the Earth-ionosphere cavity can reasonably be expected to increase the amplitude of natural "Schumann" frequencies, facilitating the capture of useful electrical power. Tesla knew that the Earth could be treated as one big spherical conductor and the ionosphere as another, bigger, spherical conductor, so that together they have parallel plates and thus comprise a "spherical capacitor".15 Rauscher calculates the capacitance to be about 15.000 microfarads for the complete Earth-ionosphere cavity capacitor. In 1952, W. O. Schumann predicted the "self-oscillations" of the conducting sphere of the Earth, surrounded by an air layer and ionosphere, without knowing that Tesla had found the Earth's fundamental frequency 50 years earlier."

"All that is necessary," says Dr James Corum, "is that Tesla's transmitter power and carrier frequency be capable of round-the-world propagation." In fact. Tesla (in the Los Angeles Times, December 1904) stated: "With my transmitter I actually sent electrical vibrations around the world and received them again, and I then went on to develop my machinery." Dr Corum notes in an article on Tesla's ELF (extremely low frequency) oscillator that the tuned circuit of Tesla's magnifying transmitter was the whole Earth-ionosphere cavity."

Corum explains that a mechanical analogue of the lumped-circuit Tesla coil is an easier model for engineers to understand. From a mechanical engineering viewpoint. the "magnifying factor" can be successfully applied to such a circuit. "The circuit is limited only by the circuit resistance. At resonance, the current through the circuit rises until the voltage across the resistance is equal to the source voltage. This circuit was a source of deep frustration to Edison because voltmeter readings taken around the loop did not obey Kirchoffs laws!"18 As a result, Edison claimed such a circuit was only good for electrocution chairs.

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