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lie ¡willing principle behind the work of the Corum brothers has been to reduce the publications and KF \(ierirncnts of Dr. Testa in conveniioBal modem engineering terms. Together, they have published 3 hooks and several do/cvi technical articles about I eslals work, and contributed to several other books ii I esla. hall lightning, and the history of eiectroscience 1 heir engineering analyses and replications ol

I esla's slow-wave resonator and lire ball research has gained an international interest in the scientific ti immunity.

Kenneth L. Corum huldsn B.A. in Physics from tinrdon College (l')77l and has done graduate uiirk at the I 'niversity of Massachusetts. lie has taught computer electronics and digital techniques in Ijigland. France, (icrmany, Netherlands, and the t 'nitcd Stales, lie is listed in American Men and Women of Science and Outstanding Voung Men r»f America. Mr Corum was Director of the Commercial TV Sateliile Division ol' Pin zone

Communications, and he is now a consultant with Hewlett-Packard. He has spoken at Zagreb and at The Tesla Museum at Belgrade as a guest of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arls.

Ken Coram can he reached at 104 River Rd. Plymouth. NH 03264

Dr. James R. Corum has a BSEK (I" diversity iif l.owell). MSI:I: ami PhD in Electrical i-nginccr-ntg from Ohio State (1974). Dr. Coram was active' in acadcmia for 18 jeans, serving as an Associate Professor in the Department of. Icc iric ii' I inguvier-ingal West Virginia I 'niversity. and as a Professor ¡n the Department of Electronic Engineering Technology at the Ohio Institute of Technology. While t[ faculty member in VVcsl Virginia, lie received ! 1 outstanding faculty recognition awards, prizes and citations from the University. the Faculty, the Students and die Alunmi.

I le was a Senior Research Scientist with the Hlec-iruniagnetics Department and a Research Leader in the Applied Physics Group at the Banc He Memorial Institute in Columbus. Ohio. Dr. Corum is a Senior Member of the Hi 1:11, and a member of the A men can Geophysical Union, the American Association of Physics Teachers, the Amcnean Society lor Kn£inct?ring£ Education, the Research Society of North America, and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers.

He is listed it» Who's Who In Engineering. American Men And Women of Science, Leading Consultants In High Technology, and 14 other biographical dictionaries. 11c currently holds live patents and has in excess of 90 technical publications.

86 Weirton Mine Rd., Morgantown, WV 26508

Ed note: For those interested in the specific equations in this article that may not be legible, visit www.IntegrityResearchInstitute.org or email: [email protected]

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