shorter waves might be practicable. The lowest frequency would appear to be six per second...6S On July 14, 1905, Tesla wrote that the appropriate wavelengths to transmit were in the range of 25 -70km, Thesecorrespondtofrequenciesofl2kHz -4.29 kHz. On July 6, 1912, Tesla indicated that his experiments indicated that the transmitted wavelength should be no shorter than 12 km <25 kHz), and he went on to state, "... on this fortunate fact rests the future ofwireless transmission of energy" Certainly, these would be consistent with the excitation of the whole world as a ring power multiplier-resonator.

Speaks capacity and ascertained that under certain conditions the current was capable of passing across the entire globe and returning from the antipodes to its origin with undiminished strength.

Have we overlooked the obvious? Will the Magnifying Transmitter be a lever for 21st Century civilization?

b nc of the most eloquent sections of his enchant-Pl "Lectures on Physics," Richard Feynman 4 ribes the wonderful art of electrical technol-I and how electrical power generation and ►h t emission rests solidly on Faraday' s remarkable di n overy that an emf is produced by a time vary-magnetic field. Listen as he describes the r iicrators at Boulder Dam and the cities to which ■ • connected:

What is Boulder Dam? exquisitely intri-. ale mess of copper and iron all twisted and I n terwoven... A revolving monster thing. A generator ... And everything must be enormously ffßcient... The power for a metropolis is going through ... All done with specially arranged I'ieces of copper and iron... [In the cities] thousands of little wheels, turning in response to the turning of the big wheel at Boulder Dam. Stop the big wheel and all the little wheels stop; the lights go out.66

-■cognizing that today's electro-technology is rvot k ultimate, Feynman was moved to prophesy,

Power networks of the future may have little resemblance to those of today,

If there be any truth in Tesla's disclosures, then we all must certainly agree. In September of 1915, Tesla wrote.

The present limitations in the transmission of power to distance will be overcome.., through the introduction of the wireless art. . . we have now the means for the economic transmission of energy in any desired amount to the distances only limited by the dimensions of the planet. In view of the assertions of some misinformed experts to the effect that in the wireless system I have perfected the power of the transmitter is dbsipated in alt directions, I wish to be emphatic in my statement that such is not the case. The energy goes only to the place where it is needed and no other. ... With the full development (of water and solar power] and a perfect system of wireless transmission of the energy to any distance, man will solve all the problems of material existence,67

Finally, in 1927, Tesla said, ... the experts musí come to the same conclusions I have reached long ago. Sooner or later my power system will have to be adopted in its entirety and so far as I am concerned it is as good as done.6S

As we approach the end of the century, we can't help but wonder if something has been overlooked in electrical science. We seem to hear the words of Faust again, What to your spirit she s unwilling to reveal, You cannot wrestle from her with levers, screws and wheel.

In Aeschylus'1w famous tragedy,70, Prometheus,71 the Titan, is fettered with unbreakable adamantine chains to a lofty ragged rock "at the end of the world" amid roaring thunder, flashing lightning, blasting storms, fiery whirlwinds, and an earthquake, His sin: I gave to mortals the gift of fire... and they will learn from il all kinds of arts... I set mortals <>* the path of a science hard to judge.

Greek translator Rex Warner has identifint Prometheus as the patron of the mathematical *ci * ■ ences and engineering: In recognizing that intelligence, not brute font was the govern ing power of the universe, he inb tiated men into all the arts and sciences which make civilization possible.12

Artist Robert Kendall has captured kindred thoughts on the famous Battelle Mural in Cfllum bus, Ohio,

The scientist is truly a Prometheus; he stilt con tinues to steal fire from heaven in seeking to comprehend the secrets of nature ... he ti mankind 's greatest benefactor ... he holds out the greatest single hope that they ultimately nw also live together in peace.71 Somehow, in spite of the promiseof electrical fire, our engineering science still seems to be chained

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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

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