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USA, Ret.) says, yes, emphatically.

Thus we now begin to understand what Tesla's visionary mind was seeing as he contemplated the TMT as a means of controlling the solar system for the benefit of earth and man. We shudder, as today we contemplate the awesome power wielded by the military machine of the Soviet Union. It is fearsome enough to contemplate Soviet scientists' manipulation of the earth's weather patterns, and men's mind - in secret disregard for humanity's needs. But to play Jovian games with the sun's energies and thereby imperil the entire solar system is unquestionably the ultimate insanity of "civilized" man! We can now understand why Tesla kept his knowledge of the sun secret from men. He knew that they could not be trusted to wisely use this power. But now that the secret is out, and is being used for anti-humanitarian and evil ends, all of mankind must rise in protest and stop this barbarous abomination against man and God.

When the original manuscript of this book was written in 1978-1979, I did not know that the U.S.A. had started to build TMT's in reaction to the Soviet TMT's. Now (1985) we know that the U.S.A. has operational TMT's directed against the Soviet Union. Thus all humanity and all forms of life are helplessly being bombarded by ELF signals designed to weaken and damage them. (The HAARP Project has recently been connected to such Tesla technology as indicated on the latest Public Broadcast Station show on Tesla, available from www.pbs.org/tesla, but the add war EMI battle cited here hopefully may have subsided by now. - Ed. note)

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