Since the solar wind produces particles that have an average kinetic energy eight times that of the magnetic energy density, we have a constant source to energize the inner belt protons in order to maintain resonance, at a center frequency of 8 Hz. It is now beginning to be realized that such a mechanism does indeed affect the earth's magnetic field, which in turn affects the weather. In the early 1960's, Dr. Robert Uffen pulled together a lot of data collected since the 1700's to show that the magnetic flux variations from the sun, known as the 11.1 year sun spot cycle, had a controlling effect on the fluctuations of the earth's magnetic field. But his most important finding was that long term world climatic changes could be correlated with changes in the earth's magnetic field. This basic discovery was quickly followed by a report from Columbia University, which showed that when the intensity of the earth's magnetic field decreases the average world temperature also decreases, as well as the reverse effect.

quickly followed by a report from Columbia University, which showed that when the intensity of the earth's magnetic field decreases the average world temperature also decreases, as well as the reverse effect.

Dr. J.W. King of the Appleton Laboratory in the United Kingdom extended these findings in 1974. He found that over the northern hemisphere of our planet, the magnetic field strength contour lines matched the atmospheric pressure contour lines. The centers of low atmospheric pressure coincide with the centers of highest magnetic intensity. Furthermore, Dr. King showed that atmospheric pressure patterns take the form of a dumb-bell shape with a low in each end, and this is matched by a similar contour for the magnetic field. Dr. King's paper published in NATURE, January 18, 1974, founded the new science of magnetometeorology linking geomagnetism with meteorology.

We have tried to show, in simplified and abbreviated form, how an 8 Hz magnetic wave is a common universal factor connecting protons in the brain with protons in the sun, and how the earth and the solar wind are organized as a filter mechanism for the 8 Hz magnetic frequency which is so fundamental to a balanced healthy state for living things. We have also indicated the mechanism whereby very small, plus or minus, deviations from an 8 Hz center frequency can induce pathological states in people, and most likely in all living things on this planet. [22] It is also very clear that in carrying out their experiments with the Tesla Magnifying Transmitter, the Soviets are exploiting only the pathological-inducing effects, as we shall show in the succeeding chapters.

But there is one effect that nobody dares mention, except one man. This is the possibility of impressing human thoughts, neutral, good, or bad, upon the ELF waves as the carrier system. There is no easy explanation of this phenomenon, but I will give a personal experience that may convey the essential idea. In 1961, I was with the late Aldous Huxley, and his wife Laura. From them I learned that Laura had a gift for making non-contact motions with her hands over sick people, and in some cases had helped the patient. One case in particular intrigued me, where Laura had cured a patient of paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia (a sudden and dangerous form of heart racing) I arranged to have Laura and her "now cured" heart patient monitored electronically while non-contact hand passes were carried out by Laura. To my great surprise, I found out that when Laura's hands passed about four inches over the skin of the patient, that both she and the patient came into resonance by producing enormous ELF waves in their separate EEG's at a peak power centered on the 8 Hz frequency. This test was repeated over and over again until I was satisfied that this was a genuine Em induction effect. Others have repeated my work since then and confirmed it. Since healing has been observed with a process of 8 Hz EM wave induction, it was logical to assume that precise information transfer had occurred in order to correct the organic defect in the patient. This also meant that potentially one could transfer other kinds of information if one knew how to impress thoughts upon an 8 Hz carrier wave. The question now arises as to whether the Soviets have taken this step, and added this mental modulation possibility to their ELF, TMT experimentss. [23] My friend, Thomas Bearden, (Lt. Col.

Frequency (Hi)

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