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Nikola Tesla pioneered the concept of worldwide wireless power transfer about 100 years ago, beginning with work on high voltage, high frequency single electrode lighting systems, and following with development of the Tesla Coil, The Magnifying Transmitter, and the single electrode x-ray tube. The Tesla Wireless system and concepts leading thereto are documented in Tesla's notes [1,2] patents [3,4], lectures [4-8] and published articles [4, 5, 911] and described by Tesla's biographers [12,13] and others [14, 15]. Following the death of Tesla in 1943, the concept lay dormant until referenced by Wait in 1974 [16,17] in conjunction with extremely low frequency communications, followed by Marincic's illuminating review in 1982 [18] and subsequent technical analysis by Corum and Corum [1924], Golka [25,26] replicated the oscillator used in Tesla's Colorado Springs experiments for studying ball lightning and plasma containment for nuclear fusion, Corum and Corum [27-31] have also replicated Tesla's ball lightning experiments but with smaller scale equipment. However, Tesla's worldwide wireless power concept remains unverified.

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