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It is a great privilege to present this amazing collection of seminal articles, some of which have never been published before, on Nikola Tesla's science of energy. As I'm finishing my Ph.D. thesis on utilizing zero point energy, I realized that Tesla probably acknowledged the same energy reservoir when he referred to harnessing "the very wheelwork of nature."1 The visionary scientists who have contributed to this anthology offer a collective argument of what Tesla meant by that phrase. Tesla also recognized that an atmospheric and a terrestrial storage battery exists here on earth, just waiting to be tapped for the good of mankind. Therefore, this is the wheelwork of nature that we want to explore in this book.

The first section of this anthology offers some historical Niagara Falls material and biographical information about the life of Nikola Tesla with the contributions of William Terbo, the grand-nephew of Tesla, Keith Tutt, author of The Scientist, the Madman, the Thief & Their Light Bulb, and Dr. Andrija Puharich, whose unpublished biographical manuscript is rich with personal insights. Puharich, a Yugoslavian, also develops with great care, the background and unexpected uses for Tesla's Magnifying Transmitter (TMT). The second section is devoted to Tesla's wireless transmission of electrical power, as distinguished from wireless telegraphy for which he is also famous. It is surprisingly practical, even today, as the brilliant minds in this book prove. Tesla was at least a century ahead of his time, however, so people stole his ideas, left him penniless, and ignored his saintly concern for the human race. I pray that as global community consciousness expands in the 21st century, Tesla's ideas about sharing energy with the whole world will be more understood and appreciated. The third and last section has miscellaneous articles about a few of Tesla's less well-known inventions, including the two-rotor belted homopolar generator and an ozone generator.

Today we are faced with the consequences of the fateful decision in 1905 by J. P. Morgan to abandon Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower project on Long Island, once he learned that it would be designed mainly for wireless transmission of electrical power, rather than telegraphy. He is reported to have complained that he would not be able to collect money from the customer in any feasible way. This mercenary attitude by the world's richest man forced the nation to pay for thousands of miles of transmission line wires, just so an electrical utility meter could be placed on everyone's house. Today the U.S. Energy Association in Washington, DC trains representatives from the former Russian states how to reliably do the same in their countries.

No one, except for the few great physicists like Drs. Rauscher, Corum, Bass, and Van Voorhies found in this book, has realized that Tesla was very practical when he proposed the resonant generation and wireless transmission of useful electrical power, after returning from his experiments at Colorado Springs in 1900. For example, Professor Rauscher shows that the earth's magnetosphere contains sufficient potential energy (at least 3 billion kilowatts) so that the resonant excitation of the earth-ionosphere cavity can reasonably be expected to increase the amplitude of natural "Schumann" frequencies, facilitating the capture of useful electrical power. Tesla knew that the earth could be treated as one big spherical conductor and the ionosphere as another bigger spherical conductor, so that together they have parallel plates and thus, comprise a "spherical capacitor." Dr. Rauscher calculates the capacitance to be about 15,000 microfarads for the complete earth-ionosphere cavity capacitor. W.O. Schumann

1". .it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature." -Tesla addressing the Amer. Inst. of Elec. Eng., 1891

is credited for predicting the "self-oscillations" of the conducting sphere of the earth, surrounded by an an layer and an ionosphere in 1952, without knowing that Tesla had found the earth s fundamental frequency fifty years earlier.2

In comparison to the 3 billion kW available from the earth system, it is possible to calculate what the U.S. consumed in electricity. In 2000, about 11 Quads (quadrillion Btu) were actually used by consumers for electrical needs, which is equal to 3.2 trillion kWh. Dividing by the 8760 hours in a year, we find that only 360 million kW are needed on site to power our entire country. This would still leave 2.6 billion kW for the rest of the world! The really shameful U.S. scandal, unknown to the general public, is that out of the total electrical power generated using wire transmission (about 31 Quads), a full 2/3 is totally wasted in "conversion losses."3 (See the Electricity Flow Chart 1999, which contains US DOE/EIA data, updating the Toby Grotz article in this book.) No other energy production system of any kind in the world has so much wastefulness. Instead of trying to build 2 power plants per week (at 300 MW each) for the next 20 years (only to have a total of additional 6 trillion kWh available by 2020), as some U.S. government officials want to do, we simply need to eliminate the 7 trillion kWh of conversion losses in our present electricity generation modality. Tesla's wireless transmission of power accomplishes this goal, better than any distributed generation.

Tesla Wireless Electricity

As Tesla himself said,

"In the near future we shall see a great many uses of electricity... we shall be able to disperse fogs by electric force and powerful and penetrative rays... wireless plants will be installed for the purpose of illuminating the oceans...picture transmission by ordinary telegraphic methods will soon be achieved... another valuable novelty will be a typewriter electrically operated by the human voice... we shall have smoke annihilators, dust absorbers,

3 W.O. Schumann, Z. Naturforsch, 72, p. 149-154 and250-252,1952, (in German)

3 "National Energy Security Post 9/11" U.S. Energy Association, June, 2002, p. 34

sterilizers of water, aid, food and clothing... it will become next to impossible to contract disease germ and country folk will go to town to rest and get well..."

If we use fuel to get our power, we are living on our capital and exhausting it rapidly. This method is barbarous and wantonly wasteful and will have to be stopped in the interest of coming generations. The inevitable conclusion is that water power is by far our most valuable resource. On this humanity must build its hopes for the future. With its full development and a perfect system of wireless transmission of the energy to any distance, man will be able to solve all the problems of material existence. Distance, which is the chief impediment to human progress, will be completely annihilated in thought, word, and action. Humanity will be united, wars will be made impossible, and peace will reign supreme."4 The same article which contains this prophetic quotation from Tesla also notes that his

"World System" was conceptually based on three inventions of his:

1. The Tesla Transformer (Tesla coil)

2. The Magnifying Transmitter (transformer adapted to excite the earth)

3. The Wireless System (economic transmission of electrical energy without wires)

4 Nikola Tesla, 1900, as quoted in "Great Scientist, Forgotten Genius, Nikola Tesla" by Chris Bird and Oliver Nichelson, New Age, #21, Feb. 1977, p. 42

Tesla states, "The first World System power plant can be put in operation in nine months. With this power plant it will be practicable to attain electrical activities up to 10 million horsepower (7.5 billion watts), and it is designed to serve for as many technical achievements as are possible without due expense."5 (Note that Tesla's calculated power levels are conservatively estimated, compared to Rauscher's calculations.)

The essay by Toby Grotz on the wireless transmission of power is a great introduction to this wireless power system of Tesla. It contains all of the details for a preliminary test of the system. His Figure 5 also illustrates the transmission of a high voltage pulse of electricity equally around the world where it rebounds at the opposite side and returns to its source, repeating the cycle many times. Grotz also worked with Dr. Corum on "Project TESLA," which was a business venture designed to implement the wireless transmission of electricity.

Dr. Corum notes in his introductory article on the ELF (extremely low frequency) oscillator of Tesla's that the tuned circuit of Tesla's magnifying transmitter was the whole earth-ionosphere cavity. His second article presents probably the most complete article on Tesla's magnifying transmitter that has ever been written. He explains in great detail the meaning of magnification as Tesla intended, with examples and equations. Even if not an engineer, I believe the reader will still appreciate the enthusiastic style with which the Corums describe

Ionosphere Oscillator

Tesla's developments regarding the TMT.

There are two diagrams produced at the turn of the century to help explain in simple terms Tesla's wireless transmission of electrical power. The first is a mechanical "Analogy" that is described in Corum's ELF disclosure article. The second is the "Realization" which illustrates the usefulness of the power transmission concept.


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