Long Term Projects

The Tesla Memorial Society has three long term projects that are not expected to happen right away and are going to require a lot of long term effort. First, there is solid planning going ahead for a museum at Niagara Falls which will incorporate some of the subterranean tunneling that was done for the original power installation (Figure 4). There are still remnants of the old power plant down there and it can make an interesting tourist attraction, almost like investigating tombs or something of that sort. It has all been sealed up for decades. These tunnels can be the basis for a tourist attraction that will certainly mention Tesla prominently.

Shoreham, Long Island, is the site of the Wardenclyffe Tower that Tesla built in the early part of this century. The foundation of the tower is still there and the old laboratory building next to it is intact and being used for storage. We are trying to get a formal dedication of that site. The building and surrounding complex is privately owned by Agfa-Gevaert, the big Belgian photochemical company, and is no longer used for production. It's a large industrial complex of many acres, and the site occupies only one acre or so on the side, so we may have a possibility of getting their cooperation. It won't happen overnight, that's for sure.

Of course we're looking forward to 1993, the 50th Anniversary of Tesla's death, as an appropriate time to have an exhibition at the Smithsonian. Because of the bent of the Smithsonian, that's going to take a lot of work, but I think something will happen and we're marshalling our forces.

Figure 3. The Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. — Nikola Tesla Museum

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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

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