Section Five

1. This authoritative article was written by Military Editor, Clarence A. Robinson, Jr. Editor Robert Hotz in an editorial on this article, entitled "Beam Weapon Threat", states: (p. 11) " We do not suggest any formal conspiracy to suppress the mounting evidence of a massive Soviet research, development and industrial push aimed at the goals of an anti-ICBM directed-energy beam weapon. Rather it was a combination of smug American assurance that the Soviets were simply not capable of out-reaching us in any technological race, and the intellectual arrogance of elderly scientists who through the ages have spent their twilight years proving that the next generation of breakthroughs is impossible".

2. Leonid I. Rudakov, Kurchatov Institute of Atomic Energy, Moscow, is listed as one of the key developers of high-current acceleration technology in the Soviet Union (AIR FORCE MAGAZINE, September 1977, page 126).

3. Col. Bearden describes in his writings how these steel gores (spheres) can be used in a psychotronic warfare.

4. Project Seesaw was an attempt to repeat Nikola Tesla's particle beam accelerator weapon.

5. It is interesting to note that on the day following his discovery of the stationary waves in the earth, Tesla in his notes of July 5, 1899 makes plans to produce large amounts of hydrogen. COLORADO SPRINGS NOTES, Op. Cit.

6. The limitation of the energy travel, in a line of sight, by the curvature of the earth, tells us that this particle beam, as described in Appendix A, is he prototype of the types being developed in the USSR, and most recently in USA.

7. This letter is in the author's files.

8. Op. Cit. under Reference 1, Supra

9. Dubrov, A.P. THE GEOMAGNETIC FIELD AND LIFE, Plenum Press, New York and London, 1978.

10. There is a vast literature on this subject, much too large to quote here. The interested reader can find all of the pertinent and up to date literature in : Paul Brodeur: "The Zapping of America: Microwaves, their deadly risk and the cover up". W.W. Norton and Co., New York, 1977.

11. Unpublished documents in author's files.

12. The function of this satellite is to keep the Soviet electromagnetic radiation pulsing (at ELF frequencies) aimed at the inner proton belt in order to maintain peak power through resonance. Einaudi, F., and Wait, J.R., "Analysis of the excitation of the earth-ionosphere waveguide by a satellite-borne antenna." Parts II and CANADIAN J. PHYSICS, 49: 11, No. 4, 1971.

13. Author's note: As of this writing (February 1978), the winter of 1977-78 has turned out to be the worst since 1883 in the northeast US. (Later note: April 1979). The winter of 1978-1979 has turned out to be the worst on record for the Midwest US.

14. Tesla's own unpublished description of this art.

15. It is well to point out here that in the event of a nuclear all-out war, all radio communication "signal" would be lost in the "static and noise" resulting from excessive atmospheric ionization. It may well be that the Soviets are also developing Tesla's Telegeodynamic system for communication in the event of an all out nuclear war.

16. There is real concern among intelligence officials with whom I have talked in the US, Canada and from countries of Western Europe that the Soviets already have this capability.

17. Benson, Allan L.: "Nikola Tesla, Dreamer," THE WORLD TODAY, Vol.XXI, No.8, February 1912, p.722.

Andrija Puharich was an author, inventor, and a medical doctor. His patents include #3,586,791, #3,629,521, #3,497,637, #2,995,633, #3,170,993, and #4,394,230. His books include Uri, Beyond Telepathy, The Sacred Mushroom, and The Iceland Papers. An interesting example of the battles he fought and lost is contained in the patent Court of Appeals case, No. 22286, Puharich vs. Brenner (US Patent Quarterly, V. 162, p. 136, June 25, 1969).

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy

It seems like the efforts to find the best alternative energy sources are seriously being looked into by lots of countries including most US cities. One proof is the signing of the Kyoto Treaty. The main aim of the concerned group and individuals is to lessen the greenhouse gases and pollutants.

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