Section Four

1. THE CENTURY Illustrated Monthly Magazine, June 1900, "The Problem of Increasing Human Energy," by Nikola Tesla.

2. This velocity has recently been measured and is of the order of 600 km per second, or 372.82 per second, or expressed as 1,342,159 miles per hour.

4. Personal communication from John Hays Hammond, Jr. to the author.

5. Letters from Tesla to the governments named, now in the Tesla Museum, Belgrad, Yugoslavia.

6. Tesla's unpublished description of his Telegeodynamic Oscillator - method and means.

7. News items about the expulsion of the KGB from Canada in early February 1978, These references have been misplaced by author (April 24, 1979).

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9. RADIO ELECTRONICS, March 1977, p. 6. Scientists were able for the first time to determine the structure of the sun's magnetic field from data returned by Pioneer II satellite. The sun's magnetic field is roughly spherical, and envelops the entire solar system - some 3,700,000,000 x 2 miles in diameter.

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16. I do not have the exact references to this work at hand, but they can be found by reference to the work of Dr. Enrici Clementi of IBM, San Jose, California.

17. The velocity of the first orbital in the Bohr hydrogen atom is 1359 miles/sec. This yields a factor of 4.678.

18. I am indebted to Hugh Harleston, Jr. for help and advice in helping to solve this part of the problem.

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20. Akasofu, Op. Cit. Figure 14 is adapted from Figure 6.15 on page 388.

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