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1. ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER, February 1919, pp. 696-697 and p. 743. "My Inventions - 1. My early life." by Nikola Tesla. This autobiography was published in five installments. O'Neill, John J.

2. PRODIGAL GENIUS, The Life of Nikola Tesla. Ives Washburn, Inc. New York, 1944.


4. ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER, April 1919, pp 864-865."My Inventions: - My Later Endeavours. The Discovery of the Rotating Magnetic Field." by Nikola Tesla. My principal source for this information was the late John Rays Hammond, Jr. of Gloucester, Mass.

5. ELECTRICAL EXPERIMENTER, April 1919. Op. Cit. When a conducting metal is cooled below a certain critical temperature (usually near absolute zero, minus 273 C.), it loses all resistance to the flow of electricity. Therefore, once an electrical the electrical current continues to flow on and on without damping. Such "infinite" conduction will continue as long as the temperature remains below the critical temperature. This phenomenon is called superconductivity Brian D. Josephson received the Nobel prize in 1973 for a most important discovery connected with this phenomenon signal is initiated in such a super-cooled conductor, current continues to flow on and on without damping.


7. Figure 3 is most important in that it is the foundation for understanding how the

Soviets could transmit a magnet wave around the planet. One looks at the region between 270° and 0°, where AC-1 and AC-2 cross. The crossing point represents the region of the two Soviet transmitters, one in Gomel, and the other in Riga. (Compare with Figure 10.) By adjusting the proper frequency phase differences between the two transmitters they will create a standing magnetic wave which follows a great circle route on the planet whose center is Rigs and Gomel, and whose circle course is some 45° from this center. See SECTION FOUR for a more detailed explanation.


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