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Although its schedule was previously unannounced, I can now mention that Yugoslav TV is now midway through a process of making six, 40-minute biographical episodes on Tesla's life. Those are going to be in Serbo-Croatian, but probably will be subtitled in English. In addition, a 60-minute fully English language film version is planned to be available. I understand that three of the six, 40-minute segments are already in the can and that they are aiming for a 1991 screening date which will commemorate his 135th birth date anniversary. In addition, Henry Golas, who has the film rights to Margaret Cheney's book "Tesla: Man Out Of Time," is still proceeding with his efforts to get that into production. I know of at least two other partially funded videos for public TV that are in the pre-production stage.

In the area of books, Margaret Cheney has indicated that a new hard bound edition of her book "Tesla: A Man Out Of Time" will be available shortly. Another book is being written by Dusko Doder, a very prominent newspaperman. He was the "U S News and World Report" Bureau Chief in Beijing at the time of the unrest and is now based in Belgrade, acting as Bureau Chief for Moscow and Belgrade. He has already published a book which has been quite successful, called "Gorbachev: Heretic In The Kremlin" which has been well received and is now starting on a biography of Tesla. A third book, by a young woman, Carol Costa, is a biography that is oriented toward youngsters, that is now in the process of being published.

"Nikola," a play written by one of our members, a young professional playwright, Karen A. Klami, is a dramatization of crucial events Tesla's younger life. It has had several professional readings and a commercial production is being organized. I don't know whether it will appear on Broadway, but it will appear someplace.

As far as the Tesla Memorial Society is concerned, we've released our Tesla Journal double issue for 1989/90. It is available in the bookstore. It's a good solid piece of scholarship.

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