Teslas Dream

Another article entitled Tesla's Dream" is taken from the Niagara Gazette. November 22,1893. This is still when plans were getting under way at Niagara Falls and they had just signed the contract. The excitement is building. Tesla has a plan to send Niagara Falls power through New York "by electricity's aid." "All eyes on Niagara Falls. Superintendent of Public Works, Hannan feels that the Niagara power ... can wire the Canal and propel the boats — Governor Flower given some advice," read the subtitles.

This is an interesting sideline to the Adams Plant project that never actually took place but let's read about it:

An Albany special has the following in regards to the recent test of the possibilities of electric propulsion of canal boats; Edward Hannan, the Superintendent of Public Works, is highly gratified over what he considers the successful demonstration on the Erie Canal at Brighton last Saturday that electricity can be used in the propulsion of canal boats. Speaking about the experiment today he said:

"I think it was clearly made evident at Brighton that canal boats, by using the trolley system of supplying themselves with electricity for electric motors, can get sufficient power to be driven with their ordinary cargoes from one end of the Erie Canal to the other. As to the cost of putting trolley wires along the Erie Canal and of supplying electricity, as well as the cost of putting electric motors in the canal boats - this will have to be learned by many computations."

"Do you favor the suggestion that the State should put up the trolley wires?"

"I do not. The governor asked my opinion of the State's undertaking such a work and I told him that in my judgement it was not feasible for the State to put up electrical wires or go to any expense of like nature; that it ought to be left to private enterprise. In my opinion this Niagara Falls Electric Power Company will eventually be able, if it chooses to do so, to put up trolley wires all along the line of the Erie Canal and supply electricity for the canal boats."

Commenting on the declaration of the superintendent, George Wesringhouse, Jr., when asked by the writer on Saturday what distance it would be commercially profitable to send electricity, replied: "I think that now it can be sent with profit a distance of 200 miles."

Nikola Tesla, the eminent electrician, said to the writer: "I have plans for sending electricity from Niagara Falls to New York City — plans which I believe will ultimately be accepted by capitalists and carried out."

Note how Mr. Westinghouse was already conceiving of a distance 10 times greater than the distance from Niagara Falls to Buffalo, which still had not been accomplished at that time.

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