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Smokescreens From Academia

It was apparent from the newer text, that the writers intended for us to believe that the final 100 gram molecule heat later upped to 109 gram molecule was absorbed from the arc, but the 103 cal. gram molecule dissociation heat figure showed a net 108,897 cal. gram molecule unexplained. If there are about 65 cubic centimeters per mole of hydrogen at its critical volume, it seemed highly unlikely that sufficient energy to weld could be absorbed from the 'dissociating arc', during the time required for 65 cubic centimeters of gas to pass from the orifice and through the arc.

The Bpg Meter In The Handfoot Mode

The environmental conditioning, which emphasizes containment within the average herd, coupled with a political belief in complete egalitarianism and the abolition of the Elite, will produce in the gifted child a condition in which the forebrain goes to sleep. This condition has been recognized and is described by philosophical writers like P.D. Ouspensky. In his terms, the forebrain is under the control of a caretaker 'I', a secondary personality without contact with the real world, who stumbles around disturbing the furniture in the darkness and creates peculiar hallucinations.

Oversights Oversight Absence of contextual frameworks

At a recent talk, wind energy writer Paul Gipe described an instance in which wind turbines were classed as power stations and required to withstand an earthquake without catastrophic failure. It is one thing to require that a power station on ground level not topple, but 50 tonnes of steel on top of an 80-metre tower that's a big task The consequences of an unmanned tower toppling in a farmer's field cannot be compared to the flattening of a thermal power station full of workers.

Measuring and Mismeasuring Biofuels Economic Impacts

As examples, at the national level, an Urbanchuck (2005) report for the Renewable Fuels Association used US Bureau of Economic Analysis factors to conclude that 114,844 jobs in the national economy depended indirectly on the operation of all ethanol plants and the purchases that are made by workers (and this did not include ethanol plant employment). Earlier in the decade, when the industry was even smaller, Novack (2002) of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City was more upbeat about the job total and reported in a widely read periodical that the ethanol industry added nearly 200,000 jobs to the U.S. economy. This is a curious claim given that the U.S. Department of Commerce's industrial census for that same year (2002) indicated the ethyl-alcohol industry had just 2,200 jobs. How the author got from 2,200 jobs to 200,000 is not revealed, but the writer went on to predict that an additional 214,000 jobs would be created through the economy over the next decade. Last, as just one...

Amazing Magnet Powered Motor

Johnson, who has been coping with disbelievers for decodes, can be very persuasive in a face-to-face encounter beeausc he can now do more than merely theorize l e can 'demonstrate working models that unquestionably create motion using only permanent magnets. When this writer was urged by the editor of Screws & MkcjianiCs to make a thousand mile pilgrimage to Blacksburg. Virginia. to meet with the inventor, he went there as an open-minded skeptic and as a former research scientist determined not to h

Teslas Self Sustaining Electrical Generator

Hendershot Generator

To find out what was meant historically by the concept of ether, an early writer on the subject can be cited. Robert Fludd, in 1659 described the EthericalL.influences as far subtler condition than is the vehicle of visible light so thin, so mobile, so penetrating, so lively, that they are able, and also do continually penetrate, and that without manifest obstacles or resistance, even unto the center or inward bosom of the earth where they generate metals of sundry kinds. 2

The Market Penetration Function

The enormous body of literature accumulated throughout the centuries makes it impossible for even the most assiduous readers to have studied the writings of all scientists and philosophers of the past. Hence, modern writers have built up a large roster of often cited, rarely read authors whose ideas are frequently mentioned even when only nebulously understood. This is, for instance, the case of Thomas Robert Malthus. We all have an idea that he had something to say about population growth. In 1846, Pierre Francois Verhulst put this population growth idea in the plausible mathematical form known now as the Verhulst equation. This equation is an excellent starting point to understand the problem of technological substitution, that is, the question of how a more advanced technology will replace a more cumbersome older one.

Edwin Gray Cold Electricity

Edwin Gray Engine Image

After several paragraphs devoted to such subjects as raising capital and bringing a working team together, the article continued to describe two very interesting tests which the writer had personally witnessed at Gray's laboratory in Van Nuys, California in the company of several other scientists

Free Download Of Human Energy Field

Many writers on the occult, mainly Theosophists like H.P.Blavatsky, Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater and A.E. Powell(1979), have speculated about the existence of an 'aetheric body' that is invisible and non-physical, that surrounds the physical form of humans, animals and plants, yet which possesses enormous energy, making it capable of both sustaining the living organism and providing a template to enable the organism to grow and retain its form, quite distinct from the genetics of the living cell. It is the source of the 'life force' that can exist even in the void of space and makes possible the transmission of life from one planet to another. The essence of the aether is 'Form' and shaping, achieved by rotating vortices rather than by vibrational frequency, or biochemical structure.

Objectives Approach and Scope

Approach Building on the best available information and experience from many years of direct involvement in th e development and assessment of renewable energy technologies, experts from DOE, its national laboratories and support organizations prepared characterizations of the major renewable technologies. These were subjected to in-depth review by EPRI technical staff in renewables and selected outside reviewers, and then discussed at length in two technica l workshops involving the writers and the reviewers. The characterizations were then revised, reflecting discussions a t and subsequent to the workshops, resulting in this consensus document. In some cases, EPRI staff participated i n preparation of overview sections.

Letters to Home Power

Next summer we are building a PV powered go-cart. I see a great future in him, as I am sure many of your readers see in their children. Your magazine makes a great text book, and I hope for a little more space devoted to them. If you need a writer I would love the job. Always Sunny in New Mexico Kurt Andersen, Ramah, NM Wonderful idea, Kurt, do it Write to about for children and send it to us. We want to hear from other people on this subject. Refer to Writing for Home Power Magazine in this issue

Authors Acknowledgments

Thanks to the excellent crew at Wiley Mike Baker, Kelly Ewing (who not only midwifed this book with grace and patience but also had a baby of her own during the process). Danielle Voirol, the copy editor, vastly improved the quality of this book. She asked insightful questions and corrected my awkward prose so that everybody thinks I'm a much better writer than I really am. Wiley is fortunate to have her on their staff, but the reader is the real winner in the deal. Thanks to technical editor Greg Raffio for his excellent and well-received insights and for generously giving his time to both myself and Wiley. And thanks to Stephany Evans at Imprint Agency for getting all the ducks in a row.

Teslas ELF Oscillator for Wireless Transmission

For a scientist, Tesla was a prolific but abstruse and poetic writer. He left behind a considerable volume of technical and enigmatic descriptive writings, lectures, patents, articles and newspaper interviews. Additionally, his Colorado Springs diary and his Long Island notes


How do we read the state of the wave Well, all you readers can just watch the magazine. The increase in number and sophistication of the advertisers, the ads, the writers, and the articles. Me, I get a special viewpoint by virtue of being the letter column pinhead. The HP mail I consider to be the prime pulsebeat of this home power revolution. And how is the mail Just GREAT. We could publish a whole issue of nothing but letters from excited empowered readers. And, now that we charge , we're even getting constructive loving criticism. Signs of vigorous dynamic health.

Real Goods Ad

We deal with ideas, words, pictures and drawings. The tools of our trade are computers. We correspond with many other backwoods businesses that produce a fantastic variety of products and services. We know personally of renewable energy powered businesses that make wood products (everything from furniture to complete houses), run resorts in remote places, make audio video equipment, build hydroelectric or wind turbines, manufacture electronic controls instruments, run direct mail sales, do blacksmithing, provide investment counselling, write sell computer programs, raise herbs, make soaps, manufacture toys, and many artists, handicrafters & writers. The point is that American small business is thriving in the back country, and doing so without the pollution and expense of commercial electricity. The renewable energy systems powering these backwoods businesses have one major advantage- they put bread on the table and beans in the pot


From my 800-square-foot dwelling in the northwest corner of Washington State, I am feeling compelled to write a response to the McMansion owner whose letter was printed in your Mailbox section in HP121. I think that, contrary to his belief, the writer should feel guilty about his McMansion. Living in Southern California does probably enable the local inhabitants to spend less on energy per square foot of living space, but many other factors exist that cannot be ignored. Also, although the writer is surrounded by nice, warm (albeit polluted) air, there is a dearth of water. If the Colorado River is sucked dry by rich northerners to water their large-home lawns, it will not reach those who need it farther south. Some brief information on water rights in California can be found at www. Water watermain.htm.

Michael Potts

The uses of low-voltage power, and the justifications for using it, are many and multiplying. Energy self-sufficiency is, perhaps, the best. At the most trivial, it just feels good to have a hand on generating my own power. In my work as a writer and computer consultant, it also saves me money time when the lines are down but I can work anyway, because my computers run on the 12-volt system, and work saved that I used to lose when the grid went down. I enjoy the reliability of a small, centralized system. I confess to a small twinge of superiority when the lights all around me go dark, but my house remains workable. The Nuts and Bolts

Irrotational Vortex

Vortex Motion Line Pictures

Done by Michael Faraday in the year 1830. He discovered the above phenomenon as regards the production of electromotive force even when the relative motion between the magnetic field and the conductor was zero. He, however, does not appear to have made measurements on the incremental power ratio from such a device. The writer first learned of this effect from Bruce De Palma's letters to him (1978-79).

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Nikola Tesla Free Energy

Book Description In the tradition of The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla, The Anti-Gravity Handbook and The Free-Energy Device Handbook, science and UFO author David Hatcher Childress takes us into the incredible world of Nikola Tesla and his amazing inventions. Tesla's rare article The Problem of Increasing Human Energy with Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun's Energy -originally published in the June 1900 issue of The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine-was the master blueprint for his fantastic vision of the future, including wireless power, anti-gravity, free energy and highly advanced solar power. Also included are papers, patents and material collected on Tesla at the Colorado Springs Tesla Symposia, including papers on *the secret history of wireless transmission*Tesla and the magnifying transmitter*design and construction of a half-wave Tesla coil*electrostatics a key to free energy-Tesla's particle beam technology An eccentric visionary and one of the...


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